Copa Cross Training - Exercise that works......FAST!!
You don't have to be an 'elite athlete' to use the same exercise and training principles that the Pro's use!! 
At 'Copa Cross Training' we use these same cutting edge, time saving, results guaranteed methods with a range of clients who all have very specific, individual goals and varying fitness abilities.
Our popular group sessions are held mornings and evenings in the heart of beautiful Copacabana on the NSW Central Coast. (Click on link to 'sessions' for exact session times, days and locations.) Private sessions also available.  
Our training style is called 'functional training'. That means we use movements that mimic everyday living. The end result...
life becomes easy to LIVE IT!! Throw in sound nutritional guidance and the formula is complete!!
Lose weight; get stronger; train for an event; handle stress better...... 
'Copa Cross Training' will show you how to exercise effectively and safely, so you'll never waste another minute wondering why you just can't seem to get the results that the magazines and gym sales staff promised.
I'm a tri-athlete so I already have a solid training structure. Stirling initially told me that my level of fitness and performance could be improved using 'anaerobic threshold' training. Stirling has a bag full of tricks and innovative training techniques that work brilliantly. My goal was to drop body fat and put on muscle......and he delivered!! 
-- Dom Llavero
Stirling was my trainer for almost 3 years and I'd still be training with him if he hadn't relocated to the Central Coast. Our small group met without fail 2 to 3 times weekly and was an important part of my weekly routine that kept me healthy, happy and full of energy. Always challenging, always fun and really is exercise that works fast!!
-- Cath Kerr
Over the years I've used Stirlo's counsel on fitness programs to enhance my development as a Water Polo player & Open Water swimmer. Both of these sports require a high degree of fitness & discipline. Stirling has helped me develope cross training strategies including running & gym programs in order to help me achieve my goals.
He has a positive energy & I have no hesitation in recommending Stirling as a Personal Trainer.
--David Isaacs
President, The Entrance Water Polo Club.
Train like an athlete-Look like an athlete
Fitness is your sport
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